Legal Services

Two Florida lawmakers are hoping to get more pro-bono attorneys to help kids with special needs for the 2018 legislative session.

Photo: The Florida Bar via Facebook

A South Floridian will lead the state’s Bar Association, serving both lawyers and citizens of the Sunshine State in legal information and leadership. Michael Higer from Miami stepped into the job as bar president earlier this summer. He joins Gulf Coast Live to talk about the issues the Florida Bar, and the state's lawyers, will face in the coming year.

Image: Measures for Justice

Measures for Justice is a data-driven nonprofit tracking county-by-county data for crime, arrests, prosecutions, and more in an effort to assess—and hold accountable—the criminal justice system and attempts at reform.
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The legal issues recent immigrants to the United States face are complicated, and access to qualified legal help in Southwest Florida is limited.  The Land of Opportunity Fund was started to try to help immigrants handle these legal battles, and now they're partnering with a longtime local immigration attorney to address the specific needs of immigrants in Southwest Florida.

Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge (George) Labarga was at the White House Tuesday to help the Obama Administration’s bi-partisan effort to increase legal services for the poor.