As homebound evacuees clog interstates, Gov. Rick Scott says food, water and fuel are also heading to South Florida.

Gas on the Way

Sep 13, 2017
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Millions of gallons of gas are on their way to Port Canaveral, Port Everglades and the Port Tampa Bay. The ports are opening and vessels are bringing much needed fuel. Port Canaveral says gasoline, diesel and jet fuel are making their way to Floridians in need. One tanker arrived yesterday afternoon and two more are on the way.

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Miami city officials are evacuating residents who live near a crane that Hurricane Irma collapsed. The crane, on NE 30th Terrace near 5th Avenue was part of construction of the Gran Paraiso building, which is being developed by the Related Group, with construction by Plaza Construction.

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Gov. Rick Scott visited the Florida Power & Light staging area at Southwest Florida International Airport on Tuesday. He also visited flooded areas of Southwest Florida.

Utility trucks, prepping to restore power to the region were lined up far into the horizon. Scott briefly spoke to reporters about the power situation in the area. 

"I've been to shelters. I know everyone wants their power back," said Scott. "It's the biggest thing we can do right now, but we gotta be safe about it." 

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The Sarasota Sailing Squadron sits directly on Sarasota Bay. There are some 200 boats on trailers. Several boats not strapped down to the ground were pushed over sideways by the wind. One captain sank his sailboat on purpose to protect it.