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This segment originally aired on December 21, 2016. 

A tour of vintage Central and South Florida is still possible—if you know where to look.  Today we listen back to a conversation about a book that promises to be your guide to "discovering old Florida," offering a list of museums, historic buildings, nudist colonies, dive bars, and more. All reaching back 25 years or more into Florida's history.

Photos: Karen Hirsh (left) / Lt. Jack Carollo, U.S. Army

This month PBS stations across the country are in the midsts of airing The Vietnam War, a ten-part, 18-hour documentary film series directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.  The series strives to offer a comprehensive view of the war and the social and political environment of the 1960s. On Gulf Coast Live, we're also offering a unique perspective on the war from a one-time Army combat correspondent.

With the upcoming Labor Day weekend three day weekend looking to be much more pleasant than last weekends’ deluge, many plan to fire up the barbecue in celebration. Whether you’re smoking ribs, searing tuna, or flipping veggie burgers, the advice of an expert pitmaster can help any BBQ endeavor come to a tastier end.

Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia Creative Commons / Bryan Norcross

Twenty-five years ago, on Aug. 24, 1992, Hurricane Andrew unleashed devastation across South Florida. Flooding and winds gusting well over 100 mph wind destroyed neighborhoods, knocked out power for days, and leaving many without access to food, water, or supplies. A new book by The Weather Channel meteorologist Bryan Norcross recounts his marathon 23 hours on the air covering the storm.

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons via Public Domain

The state of Florida is dotted with natural springs that have attracted visitors since long before they became 1950’s roadside attractions. And while many preservationists who study Florida’s springs focus on their ecology and the symbolism of a pure, pristine font; one author is connecting the social role springs have played throughout history for a more realistic look at their evolution and possibly their future.