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Depending on where you are in Southwest Florida, you may have seen some lingering smoke this week, but no matter where you are, you almost definitely smelled it.

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A crowd of about 30 people gathered on the beach next to the Naples Pier to remember Stephon Clark, a black man killed by the Sacramento Police Department last month. Officers said they thought he had a gun, but only a cell phone was found at the scene. 

Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress Jane Seymour is widely known for her work on the stage and screen including roles in the James Bond film “Live and Let Die,” and the television series, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” but over the past 25 years, she’s emerged as a celebrated visual artist as well, creating intimate watercolor and vibrant oil paintings.  She also enjoys success as a designer including creating costumes and set designs for the Houston Ballet.  We’ll talk with Seymour ahead of her appearances March 10th and 11th at the Mercato in Naples for an exhibition of her work organized by Road Show Company.  The exhibition will also include works by Seymour’s son, Sean Michael Flynn.  Flynn is an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer and filmmaker.

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A big year, at least amongst birders, is an unofficial competition to see who can see or hear the most species of birds within a given geographical area. This can be done within a state, country or, even, the world.

Collier Freedom

On Saturday, demonstrations and protests are being planned in places throughout the country. 

Collier Freedom, a grass roots organization that says it wants to have a more inclusive community, said there will be 19 street corners in Naples where people can gather to peacefully hold signs and chant about issues that matter to them.