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The eye of Hurricane Irma made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane Sunday afternoon in Marco Island. The heart of the damage is found in Collier County.

Riverwood Estates is an over-55 retirement community in South Naples. It is made up of small, manufactured homes that are usually barely above sea level.

But, after Hurricane Irma, many of them are now under it. Richard Reed was one of the lucky ones.

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Calling Florida's criminal justice system "broken," and pointing to high rates of re-incarceration and growing costs to keep inmates in prison, the Florida ACLU and Lee County NAACP  are sponsoring a public forum Thursday night in Fort Myers to discuss reform.

Photo: Shy Wolf Sanctuary

The Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples is home to 69 resident animals, all of whom were evacuated from their home as wildfires threatened Collier County last month. Now the animals have returned home, but plans are in the works to relocate the sanctuary to a larger facility that could provide temporary shelter for other animals during future emergencies.

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Tree care in Florida is different from tree care up north, and on Arbor Day on Gulf Coast Live, an ISA Certified Arborist from Naples shares his expertise on how to handle our trees’ unique needs.
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A Naples group of "parents, friends, and family" of LGBT community members is celebrating a decade of promoting equality with an interfaith convocation on May 7, aiming to promote acceptance through sharing religious traditions and rituals.