Nuclear Energy

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Governor Rick Scott and the state Cabinet approved the utility's plan to add two new reactors to the Turkey Point nuclear power plant. But the expansion comes with 89 miles of high-voltage cable that will carry the power to the grid...past some very unhappy residents and property owners. WLRN-Miami Herald reporter Rick Stone has that story.

The operator of Florida's Crystal River nuclear plant sent shockwaves through the state when it announced recently that it was shutting down the facility for good.

When nuclear plants have closed elsewhere, locals have cheered. But in Citrus County, it's been more like a death in the family.

At Fat Boy's Bar-B-Q restaurant in Crystal River, owner Bubba Keller says he's worried about what's going to happen to the community. "I mean, things are already tough," Keller says. "If this makes it worse, don't know if I can hang in there."

Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant to be Shuttered

Feb 5, 2013

The parent company of Progress Energy Florida announced today they'll permanently close the troubled Crystal River nuclear generator. The plant hasn't produced any energy since late 2009, when its concrete containment building cracked during a maintenance and upgrade project.

Officials with Duke Energy, which is based in North Carolina and owns Progress Energy, say the move could affect about 600 employees. The company said it will help transition "as many as possible" into new positions within Duke Energy.

Utility companies in Florida are allowed to charge customers for power plants that may never be built. 
It’s allowed under a law passed in 2006. A challenge to the law is now before the Florida Supreme Court.

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy wants the law overturned. Utilities like Florida Power and Light and Progress Energy can charge customers up front for the cost of possibly building nuclear reactors.

Alliance Attorney Gary Davis says the utilities are collecting the money even though they haven’t shown any plans to build nuclear plants.