Obama Supporters Excited to See Charlie Crist on Board

Sep 10, 2012

With election season around the corner, president Obama is stepping up his campaigning.

He energized voters during a 2-day bus tour in Florida.

Former republican governor Charlie Crist introduced the president to a crowd of around 11,000 at St. Petersburg College in Seminole, Florida.

While some question the motive behind Crist’s support of the president, in Seminole he was met with loud cheers. Leslie Furlong was among the cheering.

Obama Supporters Energized After Florida Tour

Sep 10, 2012

President Obama hit the campaign trail, stopping in Florida for the first time since the convention.

His message to an audience at St. Petersburg College in Seminole was clear: get out and vote.

The crowd of 11-thousand stood packed together, outdoors, on a soccer field but the intense sun and heat didn’t damper Michael 

Florida Delegates Energized

Sep 7, 2012

South Florida delegates at the Democratic National Convention say President Obama’s speech last evening is inspiring them to spread his message when they return home. 

President Obama has struggled to excite voters like he did in 2008, but South Florida delegates say his Thursday evening speech was electric.

Delegates say the president’s speech caps off a week that challenged Republican distortions and falsehoods.

As for the takeaway? South Florida delegate Phyllis Smith says Democrats are leaving Charlotte in a different fashion than Republicans left Tampa.  

Crist Tells DNC Republicans Are Too Extreme to Lead

Sep 7, 2012

Former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist was back in the political limelight Thursday night – but on a new stage.

Crist took the podium at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and said his old party is now too extreme to lead the country. 

Crist is the subject of persistent rumors that he will run for his old job again in two years – as a Democrat. But he said he was not at the convention as a member of either major party.

DOJ Signs Off on Early Voting Hours

Sep 7, 2012

The U.S. Justice Department has approved the state’s attempt to reduce the number of early voting days in five counties.

This signals a likely approval by the federal court that has been reviewing the state’s new voting law for potential harm to minority voters for more than a year now.

This move is already getting some criticism experts and voting rights groups that say it still hurts those voters.

The Department of Justice has signed off on a plan that reduces early voting from up to 14 days to 8 days.