Florida DNC Delegate Roberts

Sep 5, 2012

Shannon Roberts is one of more than 300 Florida delegates in Charlotte, NC for the Democratic National Convention. Roberts is a Florida DNC delegate from Cape Cape Canaveral. She is also running for Congress, and  says it feels good to be in Charlotte surrounded by support for President Obama.

Deadline Looms for Financial Disclosure Forms

Sep 4, 2012

Tonight is the deadline for Florida’s elected leaders and government employees to file financial disclosure forms for 2011. The forms were due two months ago, but many late filers are taking advantage of the grace period.

More than 1,200  state officials still haven’t filed their disclosure forms. The fine for missing the deadline is $25 dollars a day. The fine is capped at $1,500.

Dan Krassner is executive director of Integrity Florida, a government watchdog group.

Florida Delegates Get Pampered in Charlotte

Sep 4, 2012

You get a sense of which states are in play this year just by stepping into the Time Warner Arena here in Charlotte. And Florida is surely at the top of the list. During the proceedings Florida’s delegates will get one of the better views because they’re tucked just a few sections from the stage in the center of the arena. Steve Kerrigan is the CEO of the convention.

Kerrigan says, “We have the largest delegation in the history of conventions. Almost six thousand people of all different cross sections of our country and the most diverse grassroots delegation.” 

Florida Delegates Ready to Oust Obama

Aug 31, 2012

Mitt Romney is now officially the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. But the Florida delegation to the Republican National Convention is talking less about Romney and more about making sure President Obama is not re-elected.

For Chuck Oakes, a delegate from Sebring, getting the current resident out of the White House is priority one.

“It’s a shame", says Oakes. "It’s an absolute shame that Americans ever elected him to the highest office where he’s a total embarrassment to the world.”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says too many children are stuck in low-performing schools.

Bush says the country must make sure that all students have an equal shot at a good school.

Bush pulled out a familiar analogy: Buying milk at the store.

There's more than one flavor and type of milk he says. Likewise, parents should be able to choose which type of school works best.