DOJ Signs Off on Early Voting Hours

Sep 7, 2012

The U.S. Justice Department has approved the state’s attempt to reduce the number of early voting days in five counties.

This signals a likely approval by the federal court that has been reviewing the state’s new voting law for potential harm to minority voters for more than a year now.

This move is already getting some criticism experts and voting rights groups that say it still hurts those voters.

The Department of Justice has signed off on a plan that reduces early voting from up to 14 days to 8 days.

President Obama Kicks off Post Convention Florida Tour

Sep 7, 2012
Nick Knupffer

Fresh off the Democratic National Convention trail, President Obama is scheduled to make his second post convention stop tomorrow morning at St. Petersburg College in Seminole.

The president is expected to talk about building an economy that’s meant to last, creating jobs and education--among other topics. 

The Obama Campaign is not saying how many tickets were given out, but are saying they're gone. College officials say the venue is a soccer field.

Polls in Florida show that the race between President Obama and former governor Mitt Romney is nearly tied.

South Florida Democrats

Sep 6, 2012

South Florida delegates at the Democratic National Convention say the vision laid out by former President Clinton last evening draws a stark contrast between the two parties.

In Tampa, the still unpopular George W. Bush sent a video to the delegates. In Charlotte, Bill Clinton was given a prime time slot that he used to defend President Obama.

Miami Dade Commissioner Rebeca Sosa wants to roll back the clock on absentee ballots.

She wants the state to restrict access to absentee voting for people that have no other option.

Her suggestion follows absentee ballot fraud scandals during last month’s election.

In Miami Dade, two ballot collectors were charged with stockpiling and manipulating ballots.

Sosa says restricting absentee ballots to only people that are disabled, in the military or have to travel will solve the problem.

Florida DNC Delegate Roberts

Sep 5, 2012

Shannon Roberts is one of more than 300 Florida delegates in Charlotte, NC for the Democratic National Convention. Roberts is a Florida DNC delegate from Cape Cape Canaveral. She is also running for Congress, and  says it feels good to be in Charlotte surrounded by support for President Obama.