Public Records

No one wants to be arrested. But fact is it happens every day - to people who deserve it - and some who are just good folk caught up in a bad situation.

While people in that latter category may see the charges against them dropped, they’ll still have a memento of their night in jail: a mugshot automatically published on the internet for the entire world to see.

Rachel Iacovone

As Florida Gulf Coast University begins interviewing candidates for the school’s next president this week, a state representative has proposed a bill that would exempt those applying for president, provost or dean at state colleges and universities from Florida’s broad open records laws.

Public Records Fee Fight Re-Emerges In Florida Senate

Feb 8, 2017

Reopening a debate about Florida's Sunshine Law, a Senate committee Tuesday approved a proposal that would give judges discretion in deciding whether to award attorney fees in public-records lawsuits.

The proposal, approved in a 4-3 vote by the Senate Governmental Oversight and Accountability Committee, would make a major change because judges are now required to award attorney fees to people who successfully file lawsuits against government agencies that have improperly withheld public records.

City of Orlando Police Dept

New emergency calls placed in response to the Pulse nightclub mass shooting have been released. The calls have been made public after a legal battle with media organizations. Dozens of 911 calls placed after 2:12 a.m. have been released. A judge also ordered transcripts of earlier calls should be made available.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection officials may have violated state law by failing to provide online public notice of a meeting for a draft permit.