Tallahassee Leaders Prepare For 2017 Hurricane Season

May 26, 2017

It’s been just nine months since Hurricane Hermine hit Tallahassee and another hurricane season is just around the corner.  Assistant City manager Cynthia Barber is updating Tallahassee’s approach to disasters.

A new report from Florida medical examiners finds fentanyl caused more deaths than any other drug in Florida last year.

Spring is in the air, hungry Florida black bears are looking for love, and state game officials are urging caution.


Scams targeting Southwest Florida's senior residents are common, but few seniors believe they could ever be taken. That’s why the Punta Gorda police department has initiated a community-wide project encouraging young and old to be alert for signs that elderly persons are possibly being exploited.

A Florida medical marijuana dispensary says it is not violating state law by selling cannabis that could potentially be broken down and made into pot that can be smoked.