New research shows pollution in the Gulf of Mexico is coming from a source close to home: our closets. A team of scientists say plastic microfibers in polyester, nylon and acrylics are washing out of household fabrics and into the ocean.

Photo: Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Few animals arouse the instinct to hunt quite like the Burmese Python. The invasive species has slithered across the Everglades and into every corner of South Florida, taking over habitat from native species and consuming thousands of pounds of prey animals. 

Several Florida universities and research institutes have received millions of dollars in grants to help fight the Zika virus—the mosquito borne disease that can cause severe birth defects.

Professor Folds Paper to Make Art and Science

Feb 1, 2017
Matthew Smith

A University of Michigan professor has come to Florida Gulf Coast University to showcase his work in the third annual Crossroads: Art and Science Residency and Exhibition. His exhibition, “Telemetry,” combines the subjects through black-and-white pieces he creates by folding paper.

Sunscreen is more effective than an umbrella at preventing sunburns – but may not be enough to completely prevent sunburns.