Sea World

Sea World has welcomed its first baby walrus.

The baby walrus was born June 3rd, and it’s the first calf for mom Kaboodle.

Sea World veterinary teams are keeping an eye on mother and baby, who are bonding and snuggling as they sleep.

They are not currently on display, but Sea World says they will be used to teach guests about the plight of walruses due to climate change and a thinning ice pack.

There are about a quarter of a million walruses in the world.

Muppets fans are going to have more places to ask the question, "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"

Adventure rafting is coming to SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld To Open New Dolphin Show In Orlando

Mar 6, 2017

SeaWorld Orlando is set to open a new dolphin show beginning this spring.

A sea change has taken place at SeaWorld.

The company announced Thursday it will end captive breeding of its orcasAnimal rights’ activists have called the decision a positive step. But they also say SeaWorld could go farther.