What's the smartest way for Miami-Dade to address its excruciating traffic problems?


Not the trains in the $3.3-billion SMART (Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit) Plan the county rolled out just last year, according to Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

Airport workers around the country are demanding more rights, including higher pay and freedom to unionize. 

A board overseeing Orlando International Airport approved a measure prohibiting marijuana on its premises, despite its decriminalization by local police and passage of its use for medical purposes by Florida voters last fall.

Tallahassee has seen a string of pedestrian deaths and injuries, with one of the most recent incidents happening over the Memorial Day weekend. But these casualties don’t have to be as common as they are. WFSU sat down with a transportation engineer who has ideas on making city streets safer.

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The two biggest investments people make in their lifetime are usually their house and their car. With the high number of seasonal residents in Southwest Florida, now is the time of year when one of those houses is left vacant and cars are shipped to follow their owners. That has given rise to two industries, home watchers and automotive shippers, that few need until they split time with a second home in Florida.