Voter Purge

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A coalition of minority activists and Democratic lawmakers protested in front of Governor Rick Scott’s office at the state capitol on Monday. They accused Scott of intentionally trying to remove non-white voters from the rolls in Florida.

Joined by members of the NAACP and the Florida Democratic Hispanic Caucus, incoming House Democratic leader Mark Pafford claimed voter fraud is basically non-existent in the state.

He says any effort to remove ineligible voters is simply a waste of time and money, and the group called on Scott to stop looking for more illegal voters. The protest comes as Florida’s secretary of state plans to review files, using a federal entitlement database to verify voter information.

State Formally Kicks Off New Voter Purge

Jan 3, 2014
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Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner says his office will soon begin forwarding the names of suspected non-citizens on the voter rolls to local elections officials. The move formally kicks off the second version of Governor Rick Scott's controversial scrubbing program.

The state has been working to finalize a procedure for using a federal list to vet registered voters since 2012. That's when Florida first struck a deal with the U-S Department of Homeland Security over the use of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements, or SAVE, database.

After a Tuesday event sealing state memorabilia in a time capsule, Detzner said his office is "ready to go."

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Florida voting in the 2012 election was either a breeze or an ordeal -- or maybe something in between. A new report says the wide swings reflect the work of elections supervisors in the various counties.

Researchers at the Center for American Progress Action Fund tabulated turnout and registration rates, wait times, ballot rejections and purge results and ranked Florida's 40 biggest counties in order of their performance. Josh Field of the left-leaning think tank concluded it was a long way from the top to the bottom.

"Two voters in the same state may have a completely different voting experience based simply in where they live", Field said.

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Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elecitons Craig Latimer is joining other local election officials who plan to ignore a new state directive that only allows absentee ballots to be collected at an elections office or branch.

Latimer says his county covers 1,000 square miles. So for voters who don't trust the mail - drop-off ballot boxes are available at more than a dozen library branches.

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detnzer says he's committed to removing non-eligible voters from the rolls in Florida. Detzner traveled the state earlier this month trying to get county elections supervisors to go along with his new plan, which he has dubbed "Project Integrity."

He says access to a better federal database will make the voter purge list much more accurate than last year's. He also says voters agree with his efforts.