Voter Purge

In the wake of last month's US Supreme Court ruling on the federal Voting Rights Act, Florida will move to purge ineligible voters from its rolls. A lawsuit against the state's efforts to keep suspected non-citizens from voting has been dismissed as a result of the ruling.

Scott Downplays Role in RPOF Fundraising

Oct 10, 2012

On Tuesday, Governor Rick Scott played down a fund-raising letter he signed last week for the Republican Party of Florida, aimed at donors who approve his voting purge efforts.

The letter went out just as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was opening an investigation into an RPOF vendor, Strategic Allied Consulting, for possibly fraudulent voter registrations.

The Democratic Party is calling for a bipartisan investigation, but Scott jousted with reporters on the matter.

Congressman demands probe of voter registration "scandal"

Oct 2, 2012

A South Florida Congressman is demanding that Governor Rick Scott launch an investigation into possible voter registration fraud involving the Republican Party. The problem first came to light in the disputed-ballot capitol of the country -- Palm Beach County.

Two fights over voting in Florida have somewhat been resolved this week.

Voting rights groups have been challenging the state’s efforts to remove non-citizens from their voter rolls. However, the groups have agreed to drop most of their challenges after meeting with state officials.

Florida State Department Spokesman Chris Cate says both sides fostered some agreements.

State elections officials will re-start an effort to check the voter rolls against lists of possible non-citizens before Election Day in November. 

Secretary of State Ken Detzner said Tuesday the state will have a new list that will be better than the last one. 

That's because the state is expecting to use the federal Homeland Security SAVE database.