Miami Dade Commissioner Rebeca Sosa wants to roll back the clock on absentee ballots.

She wants the state to restrict access to absentee voting for people that have no other option.

Her suggestion follows absentee ballot fraud scandals during last month’s election.

In Miami Dade, two ballot collectors were charged with stockpiling and manipulating ballots.

Sosa says restricting absentee ballots to only people that are disabled, in the military or have to travel will solve the problem.

A federal judge has announced a move to permanently block the state’s voter registration restrictions, following a temporary block a few months ago.

Federal Judge Robert L. Hinkle announced he was siding with a coalition of voting rights groups.

However, advocates are worried the law already did some damage to registration numbers.

Deirdre Macnab is the state director for the Florida League of Women Voters. Her group informs voters of polling locations and amendments. But they also do one other very important thing: they register voters—a lot of voters.

Former ambassador remembers 2000 Florida recount

Aug 30, 2012

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton addressed Florida’s delegation to the Republican National Convention this Thursday.

Bolton told the breakfast crowd he was glad to be back in Florida. Twelve years ago, he was here under very different circumstances.

Bolton spent a full month between Tallahassee and West Palm Beach recounting paper ballots and deciding which ones were valid.

"I just want you all to assure me before I leave today that this time you’re going to win by about 40 or 50 thousand votes so we don’t go through that again.”, said Bolton.

Officials Visit Scott to Ask for Extended Early Voting

Aug 21, 2012

A group of elected and civil rights leaders showed up unexpectedly in Governor Rick Scott's office Monday. 

Collier County Supervisor of Elections Jennifer Edwards says she’ll have no problem meeting the Justice Department’s Aug. 15 deadline for election records.

The documentation request made on July 31 is related to a statewide effort to remove non-citizens from voter rolls.

Edwards says her office has contacted 27 questionable voters. One responded with proof of citizenship.  Many did not respond to a certified letter.  And, some called to explain how they were erroneously enrolled to vote – via the motor voter bill.