Thinking of memorializing your vote for the upcoming presidential election? You might want to think twice about that.

Florida is one of 18 states where it's illegal to take a selfie with your mail-in ballot or while you're in the voting booth.

Urban Faith

Black pastors and their congregations will head to the polls on buses, in vans, and on foot this coming Sunday and next. That is to make sure minorities who can vote in the presidential and local races, do vote.
Bishop Victor Curry with New Birth Baptist Church in Miami is working to make sure everyone who is eligible can cast a ballot before Election Day: those without transportation, those with busy work schedules, and those who simply don’t know how the process works.

Sixty-five hundred Duval County voters cast ballots at early voting locations before lunchtime Monday, the first day of early voting in Florida. That’s in contrast to the 2,400 early votes cast on the entire first day of early voting in the August primary.

In an emergency hearing Thursday, Tallahassee federal judge Mark Walker refused a request by the Florida Democratic Party to make additional changes to Florida’s voting system.


Democrats are asking a federal judge to let Floridians cast regular ballots during early voting next week, even if their registration hasn’t been processed. Republicans are warning about chaos.

U.S. District Judge Mark Walker will hold a hearing at 9 a.m. today. More than 60,000 people responded to Walker's week-long extension of the registration deadline.