Irma Fluctuating But Still Expected Strong Hurricane

Sep 7, 2017

In the last few hours, Hurricane Irma has become a little less organized with the eye becoming cloud filled and the pressure rising. But it will remain a strong hurricane. Irma will be going through internal eyewall replacement cycles causing fluctuation in the intensity, but it is going to remain a strong Category 5 or 4 hurricane as its environment will be favorable over the next 3 days with warm water and low shear.

Irma's Path Shifts East

Sep 6, 2017

There has been a notable shift in the projected track of Hurricane Irma, with a leaning toward a path very close to the Atlantic side of the peninsula, but it's still too early to put a lot of trust in specific impacts at any given location. The biggest thing remember right now is that the average error for the path of center of the storm is greater than the width of South Florida, and nearly twice the width of North-Central Florida.

Keys Hospitals Begin To Evacuate As State Braces For Hurricane Irma

Sep 6, 2017

Gov. Rick Scott warned Floridians on Tuesday that powerful Hurricane Irma will start impacting the state by the end of the week — it's just not clear where.


Irma has become the most powerful hurricane on record in the Atlantic Ocean, not including the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico. The potentially catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane has wind speeds up to [185 mph] and is expected move across the northern Leeward Islands this morning. Meteorologist Cyndee O'Quinn tell us why the National Hurricane Center's forecast is not looking good for Florida.

As Hurricane Irma continues its uncertain path west, Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday the state is taking no chances getting prepared for what has become a massive storm.

Scott has activated 7,000 members of the National Guard and talked to President Trump Monday night, trying to making sure that federal resources now tied up with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey will be available. And state workers dispatched to Texas and Louisiana are on their way home.