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Collier Teachers Recieve Largest Pay Raise Since 2013

On Monday, the Collier County Public School Board approved a collective bargaining agreement with the Collier County Education Association that includes more than $9 million to be used toward salary increases for district teachers.

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Courtesy of Reckless Saints

Reckless Saints Perform Live in Studio!

The Southwest Florida-based Americana, folk, rock and bluegrass group Reckless Saints is back in studio to perform live ahead of their concert Jan. 4 through the Americana Community Music Association at All Faiths Unitarian Congregation in Fort Myers. We’ll hear from Reckless Saints founding members Roy Schneider (vocals, guitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, percussion) and Kim Mayfield (vocals, piano, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, percussion) about their music, songwriting styles and life on the road. We’ll also hear them perform music from their 2018 album “ Reckless Saints ” as well as some new original songs!

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House Slated To Impeach Trump This Week — How It Will Work And What Comes Next

The House is poised to impeach President Trump — thus making him the third president to go down in the history books with a majority of representatives voting that he is guilty of "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors" as set out in the Constitution. Last week, the House Judiciary Committee approved two articles — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — in party-line votes . Democrats argued that the president's move to hold up a White House meeting and security...

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Despair, rage, and calls for help are coming from teenagers in Florida. Some are emotionally disturbed while others are obsessed with death or holding grudges. Even more disturbing—many of these young people have easy access to guns.  Finding the coordinated care needed to address these mental health issues is often difficult. Lack of access to health insurance is partly to blame. So is the stigma around mental health issues.

Federal and state officials are trying to strike a balance between conservation and public access to South Florida waters.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission agreed Thursday to back tighter fishing limits in Biscayne National Park, where fish populations have dwindled.

When someone dies without a will, their land goes to family. But it can lead to some sticky situations. A group of Democratic lawmakers is looking into the issue.

Are college and university campuses open markets for ideas or incubators of narrow thought? Some Republican lawmakers want to know what’s really happening in the state’s public higher education classrooms by asking students and professors to take an anonymous survey. But Democrats, and even some of those professors argue that’s a violation of free speech and are suspicious of the motives behind the plan. 

For years, Florida’s Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) have tried to convince lawmakers to let them set up offices independent of physicians. Doctor groups have largely opposed the move, but a lawmaker who happens to be an emergency medicine physician isn’t giving up.

Leon County Supervisor Mark Earley says the state and election officers are nowhere close to removing felons that have not paid fines, fees and restitution from voter rolls.


On Monday, the Collier County Public School Board approved a collective bargaining agreement with the Collier County Education Association that includes more than $9 million to be used toward salary increases for district teachers.

‘Green Rush’ Investors Turn Skittish On Medical Marijuana Licenses

Dec 12, 2019

In what was jokingly called a “green rush,” investors not long ago stampeded into Florida to gain entry to what was expected to be one of the nation’s most lucrative marijuana markets. 

Governor Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday Florida is officially partnering with ERIC or the Electronic Registration Information Center. It's a non-partisan organization that essentially creates a multi-state database.

Rep. Kristin Jacobs (D-Coconut Creek) is pushing a proposal that would ban Floridians from selling shark fins. It’s part of an effort to crack down on shark finning. The practice involves chopping fins off sharks and throwing them back into the ocean. 


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