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FGCU Economist on Coronavirus Impact on Markets

Coronavirus fears have taken the stock markets on a wild ride after weekend news of more cases of the virus confirmed outside of China. WGCU’s Julie Glenn talked with FGCU professor of finance Dr. Thomas Smythe about the health problem that has become a major economic issue. He says he knew there’d be market volatility before the week even started. Here is a transcript of that conversation:

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Southwest Florida Symphony Performs Steven Hackman’s “Mashupalooza”

Conductor, composer, arranger and musical visionary Steven Hackman returns to the Southwest Florida Symphony for the third consecutive year to lead the orchestra in a performance of his “ Mashupalooza: A Stereo Hideout Production .” Hackman is best known for his innovative works of classical-pop fusion blending orchestral compositions with the music of popular contemporary artists.

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Trump Appoints Pence To Lead Government's Coronavirus Response

Updated at 10:17 p.m. ET Hours after the White House rejected the idea of appointing a coronavirus czar, President Trump on Wednesday put Vice President Pence in charge of the administration's response to the disease. "We're doing really well, and Mike is going to be in charge," Trump said, noting that Pence's experience as governor of Indiana made him adept at working with state and local health authorities. "This is not a czar," the president later added. The president's remarks came as the...

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Our annual solar calendar is based on Earth’s revolution around the Sun, which takes 365 days to complete.  Actually, a full revolution takes 365 days and about six hours; That’s why every four years we compensate for that lag by adding an extra day to the month of February known as Leap Day.  Saturday, February 29 will mark just such a day.  Cultures and folk traditions the world over have developed their own beliefs and customs regarding Leap Day, many of which concern romantic love.  So, just ahead of Leap day and on the heels of Valentine’s Day, Sanibel Poet Joe Pacheco brings us a love poem, just for Leap Day.

Pacheco is among the Southwest Florida poets who will recite their work, including this poem, at the next “Sanibel Island Writers Read” event Wednesday, March 18th at 7:30 p.m. at BIG ARTS’ Herb Strauss Theater on Sanibel Island. 

Pacheco will also b reading at ArtPoems March 25 at 7:00 p.m. in the Rush Auditorium at Florida Southwestern State College in Fort Myers. 

We’ll also hear more poetry from Pacheco in a future episode of WGCU’s “Gulf Coast Life Arts Edition,” ahead of the 20th annual Sanibel Poetry Fest in April. 


Ikki Matsumoto’s work is mostly known for its ability to capture the essence of Southwest Florida’s nature with a Japanese flair. Since the 1970s, Matsumoto’s prints, silkscreens and posters depicting the area’s wildlife have been on display in art galleries and in people’s homes.

Bill Targeting Baker Act Heads To House Floor

8 hours ago

A proposal that would require school officials to verify that de-escalation tactics have been used before a student can be involuntarily committed under the Baker Act is headed to the House floor.

Florida law lets people with concealed carry permits carry guns at religious institutions but not in schools. The House Judiciary Committee voted  12-5 Wednesday to allow concealed carry at religious institutions attached to or that share properties with schools--like churches and synagogues. 

A pair of Floridians are asking a state court to remove Sen. Bernie Sanders from Florida's March 17 primary ballot.

The Tampa Bay area is becoming a popular location for refugee resettlement - there are more refugees per capita in Clearwater and Tampa than anywhere else in Florida. 

Athlete Pay Bill Continues Building Support

8 hours ago

As they move forward with a proposal that would allow college athletes to receive off-field compensation, Florida senators expect the NCAA to tackle unaddressed issues such as recruitment.

A new charter school surrounded by an eight-foot non-scalable fence and equipped with bullet-resistant glass is slated to open just a few miles from the site of the nation's deadliest high school shooting.

South Florida experts on Tuesday discussed the region's affordable housing problem during a conference held by the Urban Land Institute. 

The panel was one of many during the three-day Housing Opportunity 2020 conference in Miami.

A small group of teachers wearing matching red T-shirts with the words “Strong Public Schools” gathered on the street corner outside the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs on Wednesday afternoon, ringing cowbells and asking drivers to honk in support.

There were more than a dozen similar scenes throughout Broward County, as public school teachers worked to pressure district officials over salary negotiations.


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