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Contentious Climate Talks Yield 'Bali Roadmap'

After marathon talks in Bali, Indonesia, the U.N. climate conference agreed Saturday on a roadmap for negotiations for a new treaty to combat global warming. The deal sets an agenda for negotiators working to find ways to reduce pollution and help poor countries adapt to environmental changes.

The conference nearly broke down, but the U.S. dropped its last-minute demands and signed the new pact after an outpouring of outrage and disappointment from other delegations. Nations now have two years to craft a legally binding treaty.

Richard Harris, NPR science correspondent, and Eileen Clausen, president of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, talk with Andrea Seabrook about the new pact.

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Award-winning journalist Richard Harris has reported on a wide range of topics in science, medicine and the environment since he joined NPR in 1986. In early 2014, his focus shifted from an emphasis on climate change and the environment to biomedical research.
Andrea Seabrook covers Capitol Hill as NPR's Congressional Correspondent.