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Brits Riveted By A Tory On The Dance Floor


All Western nations seem to have their own TV talent shows. The British are addicted to them. NPR's London correspondent Philip Reeves spent this weekend watching the tele and he found the British are breaking some surprising boundaries.

PHILIP REEVES: She usually gets dismal scores from the judges, yet every week, the British public has come to her rescue, voting to keep her on the show. On one show, swaddled in pink and sequins, Widdecombe flew in from the rafters on a wire into the arms of her tall, lean partner Anton.

ANN WIDDECOMBE: But if you saw Anton on the dance floor, wouldn't you fly down?

REEVES: On another, the Right Honorable Widders appeared in a billowing gold frock, laid down on the floor and was whirled around by Anton to the tune of "Wild Thing." How the crowd roared.


REEVES: Philip Reeves, NPR News, London. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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Philip Reeves is an award-winning international correspondent covering South America. Previously, he served as NPR's correspondent covering Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.