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Rep. Charlie Dent: "Confident And Optimistic" Senate Deal Will Pass In House

Rep. Charlie Dent, (R-PA). (Wikipedia)
Rep. Charlie Dent, (R-PA). (Wikipedia)

The Senate is proposing a bipartisan plan that would avoid a default and reopen the federal government, but it remains to be seen whether the Senate plan will pass in the House.

“I am confident and optimistic that the bipartisan, bicameral agreement will be adopted by the House,” Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) told Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson.

He says that there will probably remain stalwarts in his party who will vote against the plan, but remains confident that it will have bipartisan support in the House.

Even though the measure will only avoid a default temporarily, and keep the government open through January 15, Dent believes that lawmakers have learned something from what he called a “debacle.”

“I hope that everybody who was involved in this process will take a more serious, sober approach to government shutdowns, at the very least,” Dent said. “I hope everybody understands that they have an affirmative obligation to govern.”


  • Charlie Dent, Republican congressman representing Pennsylvania’s 15th district.



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