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Florida Officials Gearing Up For Annual Human Trafficking Summit

Credit myfloridalegal.com

Florida officials are gearing up for the annual Human Trafficking summit.

This year, the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking will host the summit. Attorney General Pam Bondi—who leads the 15-member council—says they share a common goal.

“The mission of our council is to enhance the development and coordination of state and local law enforcement to fight human trafficking in Florida,” said Bondi.

Florida is one of the top states in the nation for the number of calls placed to the national human trafficking hotline, and many stakeholders are hoping to build upon current statewide anti-human trafficking efforts.

The summit is supposed to help with that, and it’s expected to include several different speakers and topics. Workshops could range from what’s going on legislatively to placing more of an emphasis on anti-labor trafficking efforts.

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Christy Daly—who sits on the council—has been working to help put this year’s Summit together. She and Attorney General Pam Bondi say they believe it will be a great success.

“I think that once again, we will have a bigger and better summit than we’ve had in years past, and I think everything’s on track to have us there in October,” said Daly. 

“I think it’s going to be our biggest one ever,” Bondi agreed. “The awareness now…we see it constantly. You can’t go anywhere without someone walking up and wanting to help, and so, that’s truly saving lives.”

The two-day summit will take place at the Marshall Student Center at University of South Florida on October 29 th to the 30 th of this year. For more information, visit myfloridalegal.com/htsummit.

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