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FWC Asks The Public To Report Fish Kills

Credit FWC Flickr
FWC Flickr

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wants the public to report all fish kills this summer, when high temperatures and hurricanes threaten Florida’s marine and freshwater wildlife.

The FWC says weather-related factors are common causes for fish kills. Fish Kill Hotline Coordinator, Catalina Brown, says fish kills increase during the hurricane season. 

“A lot of rainy days in a row can have an impact on lakes and ponds. What happens is that you don’t have enough sunlight coming through because of the clouds, and the pond or the lake can just not create as much oxygen as is needed for the fish population to survive,” Brown says.

This summer, hurricanes are not the only threat to Florida’s marine and freshwater wildlife. Extreme heat can cause fish kills as well.  Brown says, “If the temperature of the water is too hot, the hot water does not hold as much oxygen in it, and that results in a fish kill as well.”

The FWC says most natural water bodies recover from fish kill events, but reports can help scientists better understand the causes of fish kills and diseases. For more information on where to report, go to the FWC website. 

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Jocelyn Beever