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State Disputes Report About CHIP Funds

Agency For Health Care Administration

The state is disputing a  report that found funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program in Florida will run out in February if Congress doesn't act.

According to figures the state released on Friday, the funding will last through March. 

The money provides low-cost health insurance to about 340,000 of the state’s children whose families earn too much to qualify for Medicaid.

Georgetown University's Center for Children and Families reported that Florida is one of 11 states facing a shortfall in February .

Funding for the program, called CHIP, expired in September but most states had enough money to get through last year. In December, Congress approved $2.85 billion in funding that was supposed to last through March.

But the Center for Children and Families found that Florida would not be able to cover all children beyond January.

In an email on Friday, the Agency for Health Care Administration said Florida received $123.6 million from the funding approved by Congress in December. That money should last through March 31, the email said.  

Some states have sent letters warning parents of the shortfall but Florida has not. The state said last month that it is working with the federal government on extending CHIP funds.   

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Julio Ochoa is editor of Health News Florida.