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Saving Florida's Coral Reefs

Florida's coral reefs are in trouble. Scientists say they've been declining for decades.

But researchers have very recently come up with some exciting results that they say show promise in restoring these beautiful and important marine communities.

This week on Florida Matters we talk with experts who work in the field about the fight to save coral reefsin our state and around the world.

We learn about the mysterious coral, which some may not realize is an animal.

We talk about the threats coral reefs face in our waters and how it has become more difficult for them to reproduce.

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We also learn about the new techniques scientists are using to restore coral reefs in the hopes of preserving these species for centuries to come.

Our guests include:

Keri O'Neil, also known as the  "Coral Whisperer," Senior Coral Scientist at the Florida Aquarium

Roger Germann, President and CEO of the  Florida Aquarium

Erinn Muller, Science Director of the Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research at  Mote Marine Labratory and Aquarium

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Scientist Keri O'Neil observes brain coral in the Florida Aquarium's laboratory.
Steve Newborn / WUSF Public Media
WUSF Public Media
Scientist Keri O'Neil observes brain coral in the Florida Aquarium's laboratory.

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