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Election Day Runs Smoothly in Everglades City and Immokalee

Frances and Jose Martinez of Immokalee
Frances and Jose Martinez of Immokalee

Julie Glenn: From WGCU News, I'm Julie Glenn, and I'm on the phone with Cary Barbor, our reporter and All Things Considered host, who is in Immokalee. Cary, how is it going out in Immokalee?

Cary Barbor: It's great. I'm at the Immokalee polling place right now. There's almost like a festive atmosphere here. There's a lot of people milling around. There's a steady stream of people going into the polls. There are people outside the perimeter, some that are holding Trump flags, some that are holding Biden-Harris flags. There are some organizations handing out their recommended candidate sheet, that kind of thing. Everything is very peaceful and very calm, and it's a beautiful day and it's a really nice atmosphere here in Immokalee.

Julie Glenn: We sure got a break on the weather if you're going to have to wait in line anywhere in Florida.

Cary Barbor: It's a perfect day. It's about 77 here with a light breeze, and everybody is just in a good mood.

Julie Glenn: Well that's Florida. You get relieved when we finally get that kind of weather. You haven't seen much in the way of lines?

Cary Barbor: I haven't seen any lines. Earlier this morning, around 10 o'clock this morning, I was in Everglades City, which is way down south if people don't know, and there were just a few people coming in and out of that... It's a very small town and a lot of people apparently have already voted there. I just ran into a couple of people there. I ran into a first-time voter who was 18 years old, voting for the first time. And then a family who was voting with a father who voted for the first time as a new American citizen.

Julie Glenn: And then did you run into another first-time voter later in life?

Cary Barbor: I did. I just ran into a guy here in Immokalee, a 61-year-old who is voting for the first time. He could have voted. He's not a new citizen. He's an older citizen, but he has not had the motivation to get to the polls until today, and he and his wife both said they just feel like we need a change, and so that was enough to get him to the polls after all these years.

Julie Glenn: Yeah, it seems like there is quite the voter turnout, and probably a lot of first-time voters. Cary, thank you so much for your reporting.

Cary Barbor: Thank you.

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