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Meeting about Aldicarb and Streptomycin set for April 1

By Ben Mills - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2472275
Aldicarb 2d chemical structure

The Florida Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Registration Evaluation Committee, or PREC, is meeting tomorrow, April 1st to discuss potentially using a known neurotoxin called Aldicarb on Florida citrus.

Update 04-02-21: No decision was made on Aldicarb or Streptomycin. PREC is planning to meet again in May.

In the final days of the Trump administration, the Environmental Protection Agency cleared the way for the use of the pesticide Aldicarb, a known neurotoxin which some Florida citrus growers want to use to fight citrus greening.

Aldicarb is a systemic pesticide, which means that it's absorbed through the plant’s roots and makes its way throughout the plant, including its fruit. For that reason, it’s not used on banana crops due to the risk of children being exposed to it. Aldicarb is considered so dangerous it is banned in dozens of countries around the world.

Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., the neurotoxic pesticide will be reviewed for approval by the Pesticide Registration Evaluation Committee, or PREC, part of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The group had a meeting on March 4 about aldicarb along with other pesticides. Franco Ripple, Communications Director of Florida’s Department of Ag, says that no determination was made at that time, citing additional questions some state agencies have.

The group will also consider the Trump-approved antibiotic streptomycin, which is also banned in many countries. Critics worry its approval will impact the antibiotic’s much-needed efficacy in treating bacterial infections in humans.

To see tomorrow’s PREC agenda and join the meeting, check the FDACS website here or click the link below.