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"Voter registration challenge" is on in Collier County

In Florida, people can pre-register to vote when they're as young at 16.
Eric Haynes
In Florida, people can pre-register to vote when they're as young as 16.

The annual partnership between the Collier School District and Supervisor of Elections office is in its seventh year.

The Collier County Supervisor of Elections office is once again partnering with the Collier School District to get young people registered to vote.
“In the State of Florida you can pre-register to vote as early as 16- years old so that is a goal of ours to pre-register and register as many students as we possibly can," said Trish Robertson, public relations officer for the Supervisor of Elections office.

Once a person is pre-registered, when they turn 18, a voter information card is automatically sent and they are ready to hit the polls.

The partnership, called the “Voter Registration Challenge” has been an annual event since 2013 and this year, thanks to COVID-19, both virtual and in-person presentations are available to classrooms.

"We used to go only in person," said Robertson, "but since COVID hit last year, we offered a virtual option as well. Right now this year, we’re offering a kind of a hybrid so if teachers want us to do a virtual presentation we can offer that to them, but if they want us to come into the school we can actually do that, and come into the schools and register voters.”

The voter registration challenge ends on Friday, Oct. 15. The school with the most registered and pre-registered voters will be recognized by the supervisor of elections for their achievement.