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February 16, 2022

Twelve of Florida’s public school districts will see their proposed budget increases reduced under a plan moving ahead in the Florida House. That proposal now has the backing of Gov. Ron DeSantis, who, as Lynn Hatter reports, initially said he did NOT support reductions to districts that defied his effort to ban mandatory school mask policies.

Florida is one of a handful of states with a surgeon general. Here, governors appoint the doctor. And the Florida senate needs to confirm the top advocate for wellness and disease prevention. As WLRN’s Veronica Zaragovia reports, critics say the role has gotten too politicized to fulfill the mission. The full Florida Senate has yet to vote on Ladapo’s [LAD-ah-po's] nomination.

A woman who lost her military veteran son to suicide is joining a Thursday march around the Florida Capitol. Tom Flanigan reports she and others who support more robust transitional programs for vets making the transition to civilian life are trying to attract the attention of lawmakers to that need.

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