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Charlotte Co. urges residents to sign up CharCoCares to stay informed during recovery process

Charlotte County Emergency Manager Kevin Fuller encourages residents to sign up for CharCoCares to stay informed during the recovery process. You can watch his message on Facebook, listen or read:

Kevin Fuller: Recovery service says points of distribution of critical commodities and supplies, charging stations for cell phones and cooling stations are being planned and will be announced as soon as they are available to our public.

We do urge all of our residents to register for CHARCOCARES at 888777.

So texting the word C-H-A-R-C-O-CARES to 888-777 you'll begin to receive critical hurricane information such as locations of points of distribution, charging stations, and other relief services. As a reminder to our residents, evacuation is no longer in place, but if you are returning to the area or leaving your homes, ensure that you do so safely.

Conditions still remain hazardous on many of our roadways. It is important that you perform things safely and in a understand that conditions after a storm caused many casualties and injuries do, so make sure you're recovering safely.

For those who have come in or outside the area in need of a Wellness check of loved ones, please call one 800 Red Cross or visit coadfl.org. That's coadl.org, and look for the reunification plan.

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