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031 - Milton "Milty" Evans


Milton "Milty" Evans lives in San Antonio with his wife Kelly, and their three freaking adorable daughters Clara, Sadie and Mimi. He works at a job out there - something related to finance, management systems, and eyewear. Anyway, what he does isn’t why I’ve got him here, it’s who he is and the role he’s played in my life. 

Milt grew up in Fort Myers with me. We graduated from Fort Myers High together, and spent time together at what was then Edison Community College before he moved away for a while. Then he came back and we had plenty more good times, including a brief stint as roommates, before he and the family moved to San Antonio a few years ago. They’re back in town for a family vacation, so I couldn’t resist the chance to apply this musical memory engine to SMOOTH MILTY.