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032 - Stephen Brittain


Stephen Brittain first came to our attention during our interview with Megan Kissinger - she mentioned a friend with pipe organ BUILT INTO HIS HOUSE. Stephen says a chance meeting in his early 20s with retired banker and theatre organ enthusiast began his love affair WITH the theatre pipe organ. Now his house is home to a 25 rank Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ that was once installed in Chicago and later San Francisco. He also owns 5 grand pianos, and an eclectic mix of antiques and historical items including things like early phonographs, a jukebox, old clocks, and a cat named Opus.
Stephen’s been in southwest Florida since the early 60s when he moved here with his mom and siblings. He’s worked in the tech world since the mid 70s, including stints with the company that founded Lehigh Acres, the Florida Department of Health, and these days the Lee County Elections Office. Introduced to church music at an early age, Stephen became a choir director for the first time when he was just 19 years old. Over the years he’s served as choir director and organist for Baptist, Unitarian, MCC, and Episcopal congregations.