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Jason Howie

Nemours Children’s Hospital pediatricians are now available for telemedicine visits. The Nemours CareConnect app and website launched today.

Nemours officials said this is the first direct to consumer telemedicince program in the nation for kids. Now, there is a catch: The $49 fee is not covered by insurance.

The service is available anywhere in the state to anyone willing to pay. Doctors can order prescriptions, but can't do lab tests.

Gulf Shrimpers Lose Money Due to Imports

Oct 8, 2015
Susanna Wohlpart

The price shrimpers are getting per pound for Gulf shrimp significantly dropped this summer, despite more shrimp being harvested in the Gulf of Mexico since 2006. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports about 20 million pounds of shrimp was harvested from the Gulf in August, roughly 10 percent above the previous 13-year historical-average for the month.


A consortium of Florida taxi companies and an Uber customer have filed a lawsuit against the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for not testing measuring devices used by ride share app drivers with companies like Uber and Lyft the same we traditional taxi service meters are checked.  Last week, the Tallahassee-based Andrews Law Firm filed a second lawsuit against the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles claiming the state doesn’t require app-based transportation services to carry proper liability insurance.  


Local economic experts say Southwest Florida’s economy is experiencing a continued trend of positive growth.  The unemployment rate state-wide decreased another 0.2 percent in July down to 5.4 percent.  Other economic indicators such as taxable sales and demand for goods and building materials also point to a healthy regional economy.  

Florida doctors can soon order medical marijuana for their patients. The law goes into effect at the start of next year.

But so far, only a few dozen doctors have signed up.