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Professors Worry Merit-Pay is Headed to State Universities

Starting next fall, higher education funding will be based in part on performance.

Funding for state universities has been based in large part on student enrollment.

Next year, funding will be based on a formula that measures a university's performance.

Andy Ford is president of the Florida Education Association, a teachers union representing pre-K through graduate school educators.

He says professors are worried their paychecks will soon be tied to performance, like public school teachers.

"University professors are very concerned. They see what's happened to the K-12 system when the legislature decided to reform it and they don't want that same damage done to our Universities", said Ford.

Ford also says performance pay can be a good thing if it’s implemented well. One of the biggest criticisms of merit pay is that changes happened too quickly.

The criterion for the formula is still being developed. It’s expected to consider things like graduation rates, job placement, and student debt upon graduation.

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