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Congress is in Recess Until the Election

Lawmakers just got back to Washington after a five week break and now most of them are back in their districts. South Florida Democrat Alcee Hastings says it's a shame. 

“Kicking the can down the road is no longer an option", said Hastings. "And if kicking the can down the road was an Olympic sport then the United States House of Representatives – I mean Democrats and Republicans – would win bronze, gold, silver, and tin.” 

It's not just Democrat's who say they’re upset. Florida Republican Allen West, a former Army Colonel, says he’s not happy his party leaders don’t want the House back in session until after the election. 

“I don’t justify it", said West. "I’m a military guy and I say you stay until you accomplish the mission.” 

With the break, the policy fights will move from the marble chambers of the Capitol to the gritty campaign trail.