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AFL-CIO President Campaigns for President In Ft. Myers

AFL-CIO National President Richard Trumka was at a phone bank in Ft. Myers today. He joined volunteers calling union members and asking them to vote for President Obama. 

“This election is about the direction this country is going to go in,” he said.   “Whether we’re going to continue to make war on working people as Romney would have us do. Or, whether we’re going to set up another type of economy where workers get a fair chance like President Obama wants to do.”

Nationwide the AFL-CIO represents 11 million workers – and about 500,000 in Florida, but union membership has been on the decline in recent decades.  Volunteers at the phone bank said some Americans have forgotten the role labor unions have played in this country’s development

Valerie Alker hosts All Things Considered. She has been a Reporter/Producer and program host at WGCU since 1991. She reports on general news topics in Southwest Florida and has also produced documentaries for WGCU-TV’s former monthly environmental documentary programs In Focus on the Environment and Earth Edition. Valerie also helps supervise WGCU news interns and contributes to NPR programs.