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Charlie Crist is Officially a Democrat

Charlie Crist made it official today: he's a Democrat. The former Republican governor and then independent candidate for Senate registered as a party member this morning at the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections office.

"I'm very happy to be a Democrat, and it's very important that we are all comfortable where we are", said Crist. "And I can't tell you how comfortable I am as a Democrat. I really feel that I've come full cycle. And it's a blessing."

While many people in the Democratic Party have inquired about his future ambitions, Crist says he's not ready to announce his candidacy for anything just yet. 

He did, however, sound off a list of things he would do differently than his successor in Tallahassee. Those include Rick Scott's decision to turn down money for high-speed rail.


"So I think that was disappointing. De-funding education $1.3 billion the first year - as a public school kid, that really bothered me and disappointed me", said Crist. "You know, the way the environment's being treated, the disabled, we can go on."

As he left the elections office, three people waved placards saying Crist isn't a "true" Democrat.