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State Rep Dials Back Comments on Guns in Schools

A state lawmaker put out a media statement Tuesday, trying to blunt remarks that Florida schools would be safer if teachers and principals could carry guns.

The day before, House Judiciary Chairman Dennis Baxley told the Associated Press gun-free zones like schools are targets for deranged people. Now Baxley is telling constituents he wasn't trying to float a legislative proposal.

And Florida Education Association spokesman Mark Pudlow says it seems odd to bring guns into schools because the weapons could be used differently than how they were intended.

"In some cases they may be able to prevent something like that but we also know that there are other times when guns get stolen, they might get used in a different way than they were intended so I think we ought to be real cautious about supporting something like that", said Pudlow.

Baxley is the architect of Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, which allows people to use deadly force if they feel seriously threatened.

He expects the Legislature to study Florida’s gun laws when it convenes next March.