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Judge Denies Injunction Sought by Broward Senior Arcades

A legal challenge to Florida's controversial new law on video gambling machines suffered a defeat Tuesday. The ruling is a blow to hundreds of senior arcades that closed down after the law took effect.

The owners of two Broward County senior arcades asked a federal judge to block key parts of the new law banning Internet cafes. Their attorneys argued that the law is unconstitutional, vague and denies the First Amendment rights of senior citizens who gather at arcades to socialize. But the judge rejected those arguments, saying the state had legitimate reasons for passing the law.The Florida Legislature moved quickly to pass the measure in April, after a statewide investigation of Internet cafes. Critics say many of the storefront casinos are connected to racketeering, money-laundering and illegal gambling. But the law's restrictions also affected games offered at senior arcades -- and many were forced to close down.