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Sen. Nelson Looking for NSA Reforms

In some circles former security contractor Edward Snowden is being hailed as a hero for revealing a highly classified program that allows the government to freely collect the data of innocent American citizens. Not Senator Nelson. He says Snowden's actions are “treasonous.”

“We can’t stand these kind of leaks to continue", said Nelson. "This is jeopardizing national security.”

Snowden used to work for the National Security Agency but he was a government contractor when he leaked the NSA's secret surveillance program. Now Nelson and some other lawmakers on the Intelligence Committee are considering limiting the amount of classified intelligence private contractors can access.“You’re talking about reorganization that’s complicated. But do we need to tighten up on the leaks that have just occurred, so that they don’t occur", asked Nelson. "The answer is clearly yes.”

Currently nearly half a million contractors have top secret government clearances.