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Crist Releases Pre-Campaign Video: "It's Not Working"

Democrat Charlie Crist released a YouTube video on Friday that might foreshadow the themes of his 2014 campaign. Crist, formerly a Republican, is expected to launch a bid next month to return to the governor's mansion.

In the video, Crist doesn't mention GOP Governor Rick Scott by name, but takes a few shots at him.

"It's not working,'' he says.

Scott has used a theme of "It's Working" while trying to convince voters the state has rebounded during his term.Crist also re-launched his campaign website CharlieCrist.com – so far, little more than a section asking Floridians to send comments to the former governor.

Democratic political consultant Kevin Cate says it’s a way for Crist to hear voters' concerns before he officially announces he’s running.

"It will also be a good platform, CharlieCrist.com, to not only hear from people who are fed up with how things are going in Tallahassee, the radical Tea Party agenda up here", Cate said. "They’re going to be able to support Charlie through a website when a campaign comes, if a campaign comes, when the campaign is launched."

The website and video both went online the same day Florida Democrats began their three-day state conference in Orlando. In the video, Crist refers to himself as the "people's governor," a familiar mantra from his days in office.

He served as governor from 2007 to 2011, leaving after one term and a failed attempt to win a US Senate seat.