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New Performance Model for Florida Universities Cuts State Funding for Low Performers

SalFalko via Flickr

A new performance model for Florida universities was approved Thursday by the Board of Governors. If Florida universities don't perform well, they could lose a percentage of state funding.

How well a Florida university performs will be based on a new 50-point system. They'll get points based on things like how many students are pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math, the percentage of graduates who get a job, and how much those graduates earn.

If a university doesn't receive at least 26 points on that 50-point scale, it will lose 1% of state funding. That university would also be ineligible to receive any additional money for performance funding. Critics of this model say universities that stay at the bottom of the list will lose money every year, especially those that are focused on the arts.

The Board of Governors hasn't yet decided what it would do with funding left over from performance cuts.