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Nelson Joins Democrats in Warning About Sea Level Rise

go_greener_oz via Flickr

Florida Senator Bill Nelson joined about half of Democratic senators last evening in an all night session on climate change. 

You were probably sound asleep in the wee hours of the morning – or maybe at a club – when Democratic senators took to the floor to raise awareness about climate change. After some fifteen hours of speeches Senator Nelson arrived around eight thirty am and congratulated his colleagues. 
"I am very proud of them", said Nelson. "And I have the privilege of being the cleanup hitter."
In the marathon session, Nelson and the others lambasted so-called climate deniers. Florida’s senior senator said from his perch in the Sunshine State sea level rise isn’t just a theory.
"And in those coastal cities and towns, there are homes, schools, power plants, water treatment plants, roads, bridges, that could be under water as the sea level rises", said Nelson. "This isn't just hypothetical this is real."
The peculiar thing about the all night session, according to many pundits, is that the Senate is controlled by Democrats. So if their party wanted to hold a vote on climate change legislation, they could schedule it any time, though that could embarrass the party because many moderate Democrats in tough reelection battles oppose climate legislation.