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Gov. Rick Scott Prepares Florida For Zika-Infected Mosquitoes



Gov. Rick Scott was in Fort Myers on Friday, talking about Zika virus preparations in the state. Zika is linked to deformities in unborn babies. It’s a mosquito-borne virus, but Florida’s more than 90 cases are so far only travel-related. The governor said he’s ready for the possibility of Zika-infected mosquitoes to cross over state lines.


Scott said he’s already working with every county on the Zika virus. But he was in Lee County, specifically, to talk with its mosquito control board. He said it’s so respectable, he wanted to hear their ideas in case mosquitoes start spreading Zika locally.

"We're blessed that the only thing that's happened is travel-related Zika," said Scott. "But the first thing we have to do, is monitor it and then the next thing we do is continue what like Lee County does already with their spraying. And if you find a case, even if it's travel-related, which the mosquito board is already doing, go in and make sure it doesn’t spread."

Scott said he’ll continue coordinating with local mosquito boards and with the agriculture department to keep people informed and to prevent a statewide epidemic.

Lee County Mosquito Control District said it plans to set mosquito traps in areas suspected of transmitting Zika. Then after testing and confirming the regions are contaminated, the county will initiate sprays.  

Jessica Meszaros is a reporter and host of Morning Edition at WUSF Public Media, and former reporter and host of All Things Considered for WGCU News.
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