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Final Irma Shelter Closes

Quincy Walters
People leave the last Hurricane Irma shelter Oct. 21—most going to transitional housing.";

The last shelter for Hurricane Irma in Florida closed over the weekend, and the people who left the shelter are now looking for transitional housing.

About twelve people walked out of the Estero Recreation Centerwith their belongings in shopping carts. Many have homes that are still damaged.

Gerald McGlone said he has no home to go to. He carried some bedding in trash bags to his car. He went to the shelter when it first opened more than a month ago.

“We’re gonna get a few tents from Red Cross and a little financial help, and we’ll move on from there,” McGlone said. "It's a humbling experience." 

He and his wife will go to a campground. Others who have received financial assistance have opted for a hotel.

The Red Cross’ Dianne VanHorne said some have also found new apartments to move into.

“But, they can’t get into it until maybe the first of November, so they’ll go to a hotel briefly until they get into the apartment," VanHorne said. "So, we were able to assist with first and last months’ rent.” 

The few who have been unable to find housing have gone to the Bob Janes Triage Center

Quincy Walters is a reporter and backup host for WGCU.