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FGCU Calls Student Choir Back from Italy

David Iliff
Vatican City, St. Peter's Square

Florida Gulf Coast University is bringing 26 students and two faculty members back early from an overseas trip to Italy in response to the Coronavirus epidemic.  


The group returning from Italy will not be allowed on FGCU campus until they have self-quarantined for at least 14 days. The university is following Centers for Disease Control guidelines by asking anyone in the campus community who has traveled to five flagged countries—Italy Iran, China, Japan, and South Korea—to self-quarantine before returning to campus. The school's chamber choir left for Italy on February 27th, before the country was on that list. FGCU Vice President and Chief of Staff Susan Evans says that the group was able to perform while there, even though their trip was cut short by a few days.

"The students are a little disappointed, but they were able to do some concerts including one at the Vatican yesterday, so they’re going to bring some good memories back with them," Evans said.  

Evans says there is no reason to believe any members of the group are infected with coronavirus.

"When the students going to Italy arrived in Italy, they were screened at the airport.  Our students report from Italy they are all healthy, There are no illnesses with them," Evans said. "Our hope is that they will arrive back in the US, they will be quarantined for 14 days. and we will make certain there are no symptoms. Then they will be able to come back on campus."

Most of the group are Florida residents and will be able to be at home with their families until they can return to campus. The university is arranging for temporary off-campus housing for those who live in student housing.