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Zoo Animals Need Company Too

In this time of social distancing, people are missing family, coworkers, and neighbors. So how are the animals at the now-closed Naples Zoo faring? 

President and CEO Jack Mulvena says they too are pining for visitors. Especially one hungry giraffe called Bruehler.

"Visitors are able to feed the giraffes, and Bruehler is our principle feeder. And with no visitors here, he’s missing out on his romaine," said Mulvena.

An orphaned female panther named Athena, too, is hoping someone will stop by.

"Any time anyone goes near her exhibit area, she just comes out and she wants attention. So yeah, we’re definitely seeing some interesting behavior changes from the animals," Mulvena said.

Mulvena further reported that the zoo has had no problem getting food supplies for the animals, and that their new animal hospital is operating just fine.

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