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Health Minute April 22, 2022


TSA and Rideshare Companies toss Mask Mandate After Federal Judge Says CDC "Overstepped" Their Authority

If you’re planning on flying anytime soon, you may have a different experience- seeing a lot fewer people wearing masks. On Monday, federal judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled that the CDC overstepped in its authority to require masks on public transportation. Not even 24 hours later, the Transportation Security Administration stated they will no longer enforce the federal mask mandate in all U.S. airports and foreign aircraft. Plus, Uber and their competitor Lyft have also made masks optional for riders and drivers. The rideshare companies stated riders can cancel their trips if they were not comfortable sharing a ride with mask-less drivers but did not specify if cancellation fees apply. The CDC still encourages high-risk and immunocompromised groups to wear masks.

Moderna Says Their New Bivalent Vaccine is Stronger and Longer-Lasting Than Their Original Vaccine

Moderna announced earlier this week that their new bivalent vaccine provides stronger and longer-lasting protection against variants of COVID-19 in comparison to their original vaccine. The pharmaceutical company’s study showed the new version of the vaccine produced higher levels of antibodies neutralizing the original strain of the virus and the beta variant. The study still needs to be reviewed by independent scientists. Researchers are testing several new versions of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to see if they provide broader protection against the omicron variant, and federal officials hope to see enough results soon so that these companies can produce enough vaccines before protection wears off and another surge is predicted to come.

FDA Investigates Lucky Charms Cereal After Online Complaints Surface

After dozens of complaints were posted on a food safety website, the Food and Drug Administration is launching an investigation into the Lucky Charms cereal. Consumers reported feeling nauseous, having diarrhea, or vomiting after eating Lucky Charms on iwaspoisoned.com. General Mills Inc., which makes Lucky Charms, said their own investigation found no evidence of consumer illness related to its cereal. The FDA stated that they take any reports of possible adulteration of food that may also cause illnesses or injury very seriously and will continue to investigate.

El Rev. Gary y Christine La Croix, y Scripps Howard Foundation brindan apoyo para las Noticias de WGCU en español.