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Robbie Gaffney

Robbie Gaffney is a recent graduate from Florida State University with degrees in Digital Media Production and Creative Writing. Before working at WFSU, they recorded FSU’s basketball and baseball games for Seminole Productions as well as interned for the PBS Station in Largo, Florida. Robbie loves playing video games such as Shadow of the Colossus, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Their other hobbies include sleeping and watching anime.  

  • State health officials reported 2,296 new COVID-19 cases, Monday for a total of more than 2.2 million infections. The Florida Department of Health also reported 52 coronavirus-related deaths, May 10, increasing the statewide death toll to 36,498 fatalities since the beginning of the pandemic.The Florida Division of Emergency Management reports that as of Monday morning more than 9.3 million people in Florida have been vaccinated against COVID-19 including more than 2.2 million people who have received a first dose and more than 7 million people who have completed a two-dose vaccine series or received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.Publix grocery store locations offering COVID-19 vaccines are no longer requiring appointments. CVS, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, Walmart, and Sam's Club had already allowed walk-ins.
  • Gov. Ron DeSantis is facing blowback from Democrats after he gave Fox's morning news show, Fox & Friends, exclusive access to his signing of a controversial elections bill Thursday morning.
  • The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will host its annual lionfish festival from May 15 to 16 in Destin. The event is meant to raise awareness of the invasive species.
  • Law enforcement agencies could use drones to survey crowds, assist in traffic management, and collect evidence at a crime scene or traffic crash. That's under a proposal that passed a Senate vote and is heading for a House vote. But some lawmakers have raised concerns over how the bill could impact someone's privacy.
  • Lawmakers are again considering a proposal to change how alimony and child sharing is handled in divorce cases. Of the many changes included in the measure, one would eliminate permanent alimony unless both parties agree to it. A group of family law attorneys are against the proposal.
  • Environmentalists are concerned over a series of bills aimed at promoting consumer choice by preempting local government control of energy-related issues. Senate Bill 1128 is one of them. It would stop local governments from being able to restrict or ban utilities from using certain fuel sources like natural gas.
  • State Health officials reported 2,826 new COVID-19 cases and 93 deaths on Monday. Meanwhile more than 4.2 million people in Florida have been vaccinated, including more than 1.88 people who have received a first dose, more than 2.2 million who have completed the series with two doses and more than 90,000 people who have received the single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine.On Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis expanded vaccine eligibility to adults 60 and older and he expressed confidence that Florida will open vaccine eligibility to all adults by President Joe Biden’s deadline of May 1.
  • Students would need their parents’ consent to receive sex education under a bill moving forward in the legislature. The measure’s sponsor, Rep. Linda Chaney (R-St. Petersburg) says parents and grandparents in her district were denied access to view materials used in school sex education courses. She says her bill will make parents more involved and provide greater transparency on what’s taught in sex ed.
  • Local governments wouldn't be able to regulate things like gas stations under a bill advancing through the Senate. The measure would give that power to the state instead.
  • Police could use drones to survey crowds of 50 or more people under a bill advancing through the legislature. The measure is raising privacy concerns from a watchdog group.